Why does it matter?

From some of the responses I’ve received regarding the last blog, I believe I may have cut myself short. But hey, give me a break – It was the first blog I’d ever written.

Quite a few people have asked me why what I wrote on class matters to society? And I realised I didn’t exactly expand this in the last blog. I said it did, but not why it did. Since the 19th Century better working hours have  been introduced and wages have increased, so people must be doing well. Right? Wrong. I’ll attempt to discuss what is so bad about people believing they are middle class, when they are not.

Government’s have told people they are middle class and those people have bought it. Why wouldn’t you? Being respectable and well-off is obviously an attractive prospect for anyone. Thus, one that is easily believed. Yet this con is a trick designed to make people think they are doing well. In Britain, we have the highest level of personal debt within Europe; and can you guess who owns most of this debt? The supposed ‘middle class’. (Note: Britain may be the highest within Europe, but this trend is being followed by everyone).

In reality, people aren’t doing much better than before. Pay is obviously higher, but so are energy costs, insurance, buying a house, the cost of running a car… even food is constantly increases in price. This was fine whilst pay was increasing, but that increase has stopped. The full force of pay cuts and redundancies is yet to be felt, but people are already being driven into poverty by the tip of the iceberg. One in four children in the UK are being born into poverty, and this definition is lower than you might think. As for employment; British workers have arguably the worst employment rights in Europe. Ever since Thatcher these rights have eroded. Days have become longer, there is less job security and managers often use more oppressive management styles than before. These are not signs of a middle class which is doing well, yet governments constantly mislead them into believing they are. Obviously, if they realised the truth,  the governments would be called to account for much more and the voting demographies would divide. The wealth in Britain has been redistributed upwards for years, and under Blair the gap reached it’s highest levels since World War I. 

We’re also being told we must work for much longer, and for less at the end of it. Pensions are being cut drastically and people on pensions are already struggling. The government has tricked people into thinking they are living the middle class dream, but soon they will realise it’s nothing more than a working class nightmare. People racked up debt due to the delusion of being middle class enforced by the availability of easy credit (.. not so easy now), and now the good times are over, people are going to find out what it really means to be middle class. All of this is happening while large companies, such as Tesco, avoid taxes by having their offices in the Cayman Islands. The supposed ‘middle class’ built lives based upon this leant credit, in exchange for sacrificing real increase in income and earned living quality. The rights that had been promoted to the lower classes after World War II have been taken back by the banks and the governments, but they forgot to tell people they were doing this.

So, the denial of class existence and the promotion of classlessness by Governments is important and devastating. The wannabe middle class, the self-deluded working people, and even the real middle class are finding themselves being pushed downwards. Realisation will come that this system has been rigged, and that promises are unobtainable. The only way to win is to realise, to resist and to resist hard. Perhaps all the Occupy programmes are examples of people doing this. But if people continue to accept the nightmare solutions which are being given, I fear the future will be bleaker than it is currently imaginable.  Stop falling for Governments who claim Britain is a classless society, it is not.

The Government offered fake dreams as bribery to let go of real ones. And the situation will worsen until people realise.


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